Raccoon Removal


Raccoons usually infest households during the spring to early summer months, when they are giving birth to their young ones. They are usually very noisy and one is soon alerted to the presence of the raccoons.

They usually urinate and defecate in different parts of the house and one is bound to be awake from the loud noises at home during the night. For removing the raccoon infestations, it is important to go for professional service providers, who are skilled in the job and who are experts in removing the infestations.


How do Raccoons

Infest inside?

Some of the possible infestation points for raccoons include:

  • The most obvious entry point for raccoons include the attic vents at home
  • Plumbing mats are also a sight for raccoons to gain entry into the house
  • Climbing in via the chimneys is also a possible entry point

How do we help?

Our team at Mississauga Wildlife is a highly skilled group of wildlife control professionals

Who are experts when it comes to the process of removing the wildlife infestation in and around your vicinity. There are specific techniques we employ that ensure the success of our efforts and we make use of equipment that is state-of-the-art. Having many years of experience, we have been able to provide steady and efficient removal services when it comes to the removal of wildlife.