Squirrel Removal


Squirrels can enter our homes by gnawing at the wood outside. They normally come in through the attic vents in the house. Being excellent climbers, squirrels are able to reach a greater height with ease and also figure out a way to enter inside by gnawing.

The first signs that point to the presence of squirrels includes loud noises that can be heard all throughout the house in the mornings. Given the damage caused to the house due to squirrels, it is necessary to go for immediate removal. Choosing professional experts who are skilled in the process of humane removal is of the utmost importance


Types of squirrels

That might infest your home

There are primarily two species of squirrels that might infest our homes. These include:

  • American red squirrel
  • Eastern grey squirrel

How do we help?

Our team at Mississauga Wildlife is a highly skilled

We are a group of wildlife control professionals, who are experts when it comes to the process of removing the wildlife infestation in and around your vicinity. There are specific techniques we employ that ensure the success of our efforts and we make use of equipment that is state-of-the-art. Having many years of experience, we have been able to provide steady and efficient humane removal services when it comes to the removal of wildlife.

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